Behind the Fringe & Bow

When I was roughly 8 years old, my grandmother, Jeanie, taught me to knit and before long she was teaching me to crochet. I spent many happy hours watching her knit her way through countless cardigans and around crochet edging on infinite handkerchiefs. Her passion and dedication to her craft spurred me on to make things for myself. From there, a lifelong addiction was born.

Throughout my life I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by makers who specialise in all sorts of handiwork. From knitting and crochet to sewing, needlework, tatting, painting and woodwork — every person who shared their knowledge with me has shaped the maker I am today. This shop is my way of honouring the investment they made in teaching me everything I know.

By day I am a graphic designer and it's been a long held dream of mine to have a brand of my own to foster. Fringe & Bow was developed to create a space for my love of knitwear and my passion for design to merge. I am a keen advocate for the use of handmade, analogue techniques in a digital age. The Fringe & Bow brand allows me to experiment with my own design style and find my place in the world, whilst creating ​handmade knitwear dedicated to the makers who taught me.

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